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What Salesbird offers

For a Business Owner?

The Salesbird app has the benefits of existing loyalty cards – be it paper or plastic – without the problems attached. It is inexpensive to implement, links up your customer and transactions and your customers will never lose or forget their loyalty card again. And you will gain insight into your customers purchase activity.

Salesbird lets you promote your news, events, sales or informations in one sleek app. And your customers can share your business with their friends – so you will get new customers from your best clients.

For a Customer / Client?

Salesbird is the mobile app for loyalty and rewards for iOS and Android which helps you to get your points from all your beloved businesses in one single place.

Isn’t it great – because your mobile is always with you. Now your loyalty cards too.

And through modern technology your check-in for getting points is as easy as touching a button. Check-in button pressed – and voilà – there’s your reward. Oh – and don’t forget to tell your friends – spread it from the Salesbird app onto Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, email – wherever you want.

Simply put – The Salesbird app is a win-win for everyone!